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2.0 Accessories for a contemporary style.

An Original example of Made in Italy Innovation ed Eco-Sustainability





“Details make perfection and perfection is not a detail.”

[Leonardo Da Vinci, Wikiquote]



The insight

The fairy-tale context in which Leonodo is born is the beautiful city of Varese, the enchanting landscape between lakes and mountains has inspired an idea to which decades of design experience have shaped.

“Inclinazioni” deals with fashion accessories since 2000 and Leonodo brings with it this story. This is a project originally shared with friends and acquaintances that has taken over years of consensus and consistency, and now we want to share it with you.


What is Leonodo

Leonodo is an innovative proposal aimed at making approachable to many people as a classic accessory, like the tie was far.

Its essence lies in the creativity that it expresses through colors and materials to create its own style: leather, fabrics and enamels combine into an innovative blend while retaining the features of a cult accessory that evolves and turns to meet the most varied needs.


3. How is Leonodo?


Design Tailor Made

Our laboratory is able to customize the tie in its size and knots in colors and materials according to your needs.

The necktie is designed to fit your height to keep you from getting the right fit every time. We have developed the man model that is divided into two simple categories: up to 1.80 m and over 1.80 m, while the female model has a size of about 90cm in length for 10cm in width.

Fashion Designer Cutting Tailor Made Concept


Digital Manifacturing

There are those who use 3D printers to produce spare parts in space, we have decided to revolutionize the way we understand a tradition accessory.

This kind of technology allows us to find the right compromise between the creation of small series, tendering under control quality , performance and customization possibilities. Each node is unique because it’s identified by a sequential sequence number that allows us to have the authenticity of each exemplary under control.



The fabrics of Leonodo ties are carefully selected and combined recovering tissue from clothes no longer in use, discontinued or old collections chosen to give life to a product that skilled craftsmen make it unique, For this reason, there are no two identical ties.

Each Leonodo tie stands out for the peculiarity of the genuine leather terminal is an indispensable aid for the correct use of the product.
The skin used follows a recovery and reuse process and is molded and molded to make each Leonodo precious and fascinating.

Leonodo differs in both style and materials, a handcrafted product with an ethical edge.





Buy one of the many #Leonodo products already made or contact us to create a personalized and tailored one.